Estate Planning & Probate Administration

Our focus in the estate and succession planning process is to understand our clients' goals in order to create a comprehensive plan for your family or business. We advise entrepreneurial individuals and family businesses regarding will and trust planning, lifetime gifting strategies, family entities, life insurance, philanthropic and charitable objectives, asset protection strategies, and disability.

When retained to administer an estate, the attorneys at Lane Alton counsel and advise executors, administrators, trustees and guardians through the probate and estate administration processes, including collecting and inventorying the property of the decedent, ascertaining and settling the debts of the decedent, and distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries.

When retained to implement a succession plan, Lane Alton, provides comprehensive business transition planning services to clients. These can incorporate the building of business value and the coordination of other professionals such as a CPA, business appraiser or financial planner. We can also assist you in planning for an orderly distribution of assets which allows the owner's beneficiaries to receive the full value of the business.

Based in Columbus, our estate planning and probate attorneys practice throughout Ohio. Learn more about our attorneys in this practice group below or contact us for assistance with a referral to a Lane Alton attorney who can assist with your legal matter.

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