Real Property Tax Valuation and Exemptions

Lane Alton attorneys have extensive experience in representing property owners, school districts and other political subdivisions in the area of tax valuation, tax abatement and tax exemption matters. We have represented clients in matters before many County Boards of Revision, the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals, the Ohio Department of Taxation, and in the Common Pleas Court, Appellate Courts, and the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Lane Alton attorneys understand the issues that are unique to property owners, schools, and other political subdivisions in multiple areas and have extensive experience in preparation of complaints and counter-complaints with County Boards of Revision, filing of appeals to the Board of Tax Appeals and various Courts, applications for tax exemptions, challenges to tax exemptions, and the negotiation and drafting of documents involving tax abatements granted by the State of Ohio and local political subdivisions. We currently represent approximately 50 public school districts in the State of Ohio and have also provided quality representation for many owners of real property and other political subdivisions of the State.

Based in Columbus, our attorneys practice throughout Ohio. Learn more about our attorneys in this practice group below or contact us for assistance with a referral to a Lane Alton attorney who can assist with your legal matter.

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